Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Reads and Information

The HumanCar goes at highway speeds on human power. Is it a Flintstones car or a railroad handcar? Or a glorified exercise machine? Read an interview with HumanCar inventor Chuck Greenwood.

US Border Security might copy the contents of your laptop, phone, or Blackberry. They might even take your equipment and keep it for years. You may want to dump all your data before traveling.

Fascinating discussion at Moxie on first-date sex.

Verify political campaign claims at This non-partisan site is a wonderful resource, but depressing in that it’s neccessary.

The race for the first carbon-neutral, zero-emissions community is on. The market is hot for green and guilt-free ecotopias.

Dozens of Gambino-related mobsters were arrested this week, and their bizarre nicknames were made public. Here’s the origin of mob nicknames.

The Evolution of Tech Company Logos. They started out so different from what they are now.

The Most Organized Shantytown on Earth. Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon was founded by 8 homeless people and now has a village council, 24-hour security, and a website.

The department of “what might have been” looks at the Sun Gun. The Nazis were working on a space station with a mirror to focus deadly rays on their enemies.

Three Smart Things You Should Know About Leap Years.

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