Friday, February 08, 2008

Where I star in a romance novel...

I've posted before about Book By You, a service that plugs your name and personal details into a romance novel. They've got several stories to select from, and the newest is "Click on Love", about cyber dating. Now THAT's right up my alley!

Our irresistible heroine, Miss Cellania gives up online dating for good but her best friend Omegamom, secretly posts her profile on a website, and discovers a charming admirer that just might be her friend's perfect match. A chance real-life meeting with George Clooney the handsome, passionate new guy in town, divides our heroine's attention, and Miss is torn between instant chemistry that makes her knees weak and instant messages that speak to her heart!
Miss is persuaded to give online dating another try

Miss viewed Omegamom suspiciously, with a green-eyed gaze as she grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and joined her friend in front of the computer. "What are you up to?" she asked knowing Omegamom all too well.
"It's Discreet Dates dot com."
"Yeah, so."
Omegamom turned, with a mischievous grin.
"No, Omegamom! I told you, I'm done!"
"Okay, so don't get mad yet," she pleaded.
"No way, Omegamom! Never again! Remember all that talk about trying too hard?"
"Well, I didn't say don't try at all! I'm worried about you. You haven't been on a date in nearly a year-"
"Six months and I haven't had time. Omegamom, we have to get our new business off the ground," Miss protested, running a hand through her blonde hair.
Omegamom ignored her friend's interruption, not missing a beat, "Seriously, Miss, I'm thinking you're turning into a hermit and it's time to drag you out of your shell!"
"You're exaggerating, as usual. Besides, the memory of Melroy bringing his mother on our first date still haunts me.�
"I think Discreet Dates can help."...

MissC and Hotlips212: An anonymous online chat

MissC: Why are men so infuriating?

Hotlips212: If you can tell me why women are so bewildering then maybe I can answer your question.

Miss gazed at the screen of her laptop as she sat at the head of her bed, still dressed in her robe, sipping coffee.

MissC: The age-old argument. I guess we'll never figure it out.

Hotlips212: What fun would it be if we did? I mean if I knew the mystery of why the sight of a beautiful woman makes me weak and warm all over, or why her scent and the touch of her velvety skin on mine drives me wild with desire, maybe the magic would be lost.

Stirred by his words Miss inhaled deeply before responding.

MissC: Good point, but I still hate men sometimes.

Hotlips212: There's a fine line between love and hate, MissC. You've just got to figure out how, and when, to cross it.

Miss and George: A chance meeting at a coffee shop

"Can I get your coffee?" George offered, his striking brown eyes locked onto hers as they both moved to the front of the line.
"No, really that's okay. You've done enough. Thanks for helping things along. I would've been stuck in this line forever."
"Nonsense," he replied, and then spoke to the barista. "Large coffee, black please, and a..."
"I'll have the same with a little cream," she said, pushing an errant strand of blonde hair from her forehead.
When the barista turned to prepare their drinks, George offered his hand to Miss. "George Clooney."
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Clooney. I guess chivalry isn't dead. I'm Miss Cellania," she replied taking his hand in hers and feeling her skin warm to his touch. Her green eyes conveyed a spark from within and Miss felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of his smile.
"Um, I was just wondering," he hesitated, "would you like to meet for coffee again here tomorrow? A little earlier and we could probably get a table."
Miss smiled, pleasantly surprised by the invitation. In contrast to her usual cautionary nature, she decided to take a chance - there was just something about this man...

A little heat in the back of a limo...
George slid in beside Miss in the back of the silver, stretch limousine and within moments they were locked in a passionate kiss. Briefly pulling away from him Miss reached to the door and hit the button raising the glass partition and then returned to run her fingers through his salt and pepper hair.
"Its been a long time, George," she whispered seductively, as she pressed her parted lips against his. He felt the smooth wetness of the gloss from her lips reignite the stirring in his body that had been smoldering all night. His desire could not be contained and he reached up pulling her closer, feeling her silky smoothness. Not to be outdone, Miss removed his bow tie and began to quickly unfasten the buttons on his shirt as George lifted her dress, and pulled her over him, her legs straddling his lap.
"Miss," George moaned raggedly, as she released the button securing his pants...

DANG! Just when it was starting to get good!

To read the rest of the story, I'd have to buy a book. You can order your own personalized novel at Book By You.