Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Fun

Assquatch is the art of making a face out of a deer’s butt. Really.

The Smartest TV Shows of All Time, as compiled by the chairman of Mensa. Your opinions may vary.

You may have noticed the similarities between the 2008 presidential campaign and the final season of The West Wing. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

The best fortune cookie ever. A little background.

Have you ever wanted to slip into the role of an internet troll, or hacker, or even start your own flame war? Try it without causing any real dmage with ForumWarz.

The water tower that turned into a house. It’s available to rent if you’re ever in Suffolk.

If you can rig your Wiimote to do open your draperies, what else can you make it do? I’d rig one to take out the trash!

Urban Legend ER. Everything you’ve been warned about happens at once. (Language warning)

Even the most carnivorous guy will eat a salad if it’s served in a cup made of bacon! The method for making them is pretty cool, too.

Don’t miss the Leap Day post at Miss Cellania!

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