Friday, June 02, 2023

Tweet of the Day


Click the picture to pull up the full version for maximum hilarity. 


DWVR said...

Want to laugh and cry. The dumbest people think they're the smartest.

WilliamRocket said...

I must be slow, I can't figure out how an I.Q. of 80 can be in the top 90.88%.
Surely if 100 IQ is average, the 'top' part is from 100 up ... or am I being mean ?

(Rubs out what I thought was my IQ level and puts in a far lower number)

Anonymous said...

> I can't figure out how an I.Q. of 80 can be in the top 90.88%

It's metric IQ; you must multiply by 0.62 to get US customary. For example, if you live in France and your IQ is 130, multiply by 0.62 to get your equivalent IQ if you were and American. This American fellow with the 80 IQ is as smart as a Frenchman with a Metric IQ of approximately 130.

Miss Cellania said...

WilliamRocket, 80 is a score, not a percentile. The bell curve shows that IQ scores are not distributed equally. A lot of people have an IQ around the average.

Or did you think the top 90% is in the top half? The top 90% is everything above the bottom 10%.

Anonymous said...


The OP is confused between "smarter than 10% (therefore dumber than 90%)" and "smarter than 90% (therefore dumber than 10%)." The boy is in the bottom 10% but OP is bragging he's in the top 10% and taking credit for that.

I strongly suspect that even if this boy doesn't get any smarter as he gets older, he's already smarter than his grown adult parent who posted this.