Thursday, June 29, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

The World's Best Restaurants in 2023, Listed, Ranked, and Described. Too bad there are none near where you live.

The grinders who saved a college golf team. Two women combined to shoot 434 in a single round—and became the heroes of this D-III program. (via Metafilter)

Thalassophobia: The doomed Titan submersible triggers a common fear of deep water. (via Real Clear Science)

Dealing With a Lack of Air Conditioning.

How Thomas Edison Tricked the Press Into Believing He’d Invented the Light Bulb. (via Damn Interesting)

An Obvious But Genius Use for Parking Lots.

Futurama Returns After a Ten-Year Absence.

Lost Something? Make This Greek Saint’s Cake. It's still tasty even if you didn't lose anything.

Pompeii archaeologists discover 'pizza' painting. But what it really is depends on how you define "pizza." (via Metafilter)


Bicycle Rider said...

Parking lots with solar panels is fairly common where I live. The IKEA store down south has covered almost their entire parking lot and many of the community colleges have done the same. I have a neighbor who built a huge outdoor entertainment structure topped with solar panels.

Bicycle Rider said...

No AC? I know this is an "OK Boomer" thing, but I grew up in Miami in a house with no air (or heat). Houses were constructed differently then, with open floor plans and lots of windows, and awnings over the windows so they could remain open in the rain. I don't recall having ceiling fans, but we did use a few box fans.

The awnings were constructed so that you could drop them down and secure them to cover the window when a hurricane was imminent.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yay! The world needs more Futurama!

Anonymous said...

I lost my oven, how do I bake this cake?

Anonymous said...

The Bernoulli Principal - critics hated the film, and both Christians and Muslims were offended by it.

Miss Cellania said...

I don't use A/C because I live in a a large 1906 house, and it's easier to just not.

I probably should turn on the downstairs central air once a year to see if it still works. The separate upstairs system only gets used when I have someone staying with me.

Anonymous said...

A/C is for weaklings.

Anonymous said...

The government will soon come for your AC. They are busy with gas ovens and pizza ovens, but soon…

gwdMaine said...

While most of us can tough it out just fine, heat kills old people, especially in the cities. Knowing the Government, this may or may not factor in the decision to come after your AC. In any case, in addition to gas stoves, ACs will also have to take a back seat to lawn mowers and weed whackers. Besides, they already run on electricity so they've got that going for them.

Anonymous said...

Poverty is biggest factor in heat deaths. Traditional buildings may have mitigated heat better but that was a different world back then. Surely buildings should be net zero, designed for bit they ain’t, is they. Consume less, discorporate, depopulate

newton said...

Some places in the world such as in South Asia and the Persian Gulf, are getting to the point where it is simply too hot to live without air conditioning. There is no 'toughing it out' when the temperatures are over 110°F with high humidity. The human body simply cannot survive this environment.

Fortunately I live in a temperate, low humidity environment where houses often don't have or need air conditioning. But I have friends who lived in South Texas who said that in summer everyone basically went from their air conditioned house to their air conditioned car to their air conditioned building at work. It isn't at the point where you couldn't survive without air conditioning but it is getting close.

Anonymous said...

People survived for thousands of years in SE Asia and the Middle East without AC. I survived 363 days in SE Asia (all expenses paid by US taxpayers) without AC. Living without it for a few days is uncomfortable. Pretty much a first world issue.

Bicycle Rider

Anonymous said...

The guys in Pompeii did not have AC and look what happened to them.

xoxoxoBruce said...

The link about Edison's light bulb is wrong stating his success was a Carbon filament.His success was the ability to create a better vacuum.
1838 Jobard Belgian Carbon Vacuum
1840 Grove English Platinum Air
1841 De Moleyns English Carbon Vacuum
1845 Starr American Platinum Air
...................Carbon Vacuum
1848 Staite English Platinum/Iridium Air
1849 Petrie American Carbon Vacuum
1850 Shepard American Iridium Air
1852 Roberts English Carbon Vacuum
1856 de Changy French Platinum Air
......................Carbon Vacuum
1858 Gardiner & Blossom American Platinum Vacuum
1859 Farmer American Platinum Air
1860 Swan English Carbon Vacuum
1865 Adams American Carbon Vacuum
1872 Lodyguine Russian Carbon Vacuum
.......................Carbon Nitrogen
1875 Kosloff Russian Carbon Nitrogen
1876 Bouliguine Russian Carbon Vacuum
1878 Fontaine French Carbon Vacuum
1878 Lane-Fox English Platinum/Iridium Nitrogen
......................Platinum/Iridium Air
......................Asbestos/carbon Nitrogen
1878 Sawyer American Carbon Nitrogen
1878 Maxim American Carbon Hydrogen
1878 Farmer American Carbon Nitrogen
1879 Farmer American Carbon Vacuum
1879 Swan English Carbon Vacuum
1879 Edison American Carbon Vacuum

Anonymous said...

> His success was the ability to create a better vacuum.

You're saying he sucked?

gwdMaine said...

I have a question for only fans users.

Why don’t you just get air conditioning instead?