Thursday, June 22, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

The Story We’ve Been Told About Juneteenth Is Wrong. The real history is much messier—and more inspiring. (via Metafilter)

There's a Parasite That Triples Ants' Lifespans… And It Actually Sounds Pretty Great. (via Damn Interesting)

50 Pics From “What’s Wrong With Your Cat” Featuring Kitties Exhibiting The Most Hilarious And Bizarre Behavior. 

What Did the Vikings Eat? (via Digg

1931 Duesenberg That Survived WWII Hidden Under Haystacks Is Headed to Auction.

Is This the World’s Most Beloved Asparagus?

What a drag in Chagrin Falls, USA. The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

‘This event is brought to you by Pinterest fails’: Ontario mom’s brutally honest kid birthday invitation goes viral. (via Metafilter

How an 1800s Midwife Solved a Poisonous Mystery. For decades before Doctor Anna’s discovery, “milk sickness” terrorized the Midwest, killing thousands of Americans on the frontier. (via Damn Interesting)

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xoxoxoBruce said...

The Juneteenth article is interesting but whoever wrote the article was certainly long winded. More the story of their discovery than the occasion.

Parasite tripling lifespan? Oh dear god no, not 3 times this crap. The real reason most old folks die is because they want to.

I’m also wondering why the man or his heirs didn’t claim the Duesenberg? I guess he could have just written it off as an old car not worth the trouble and expense in post war Italy.

I want to go to that birthday party too. Oh wait, 5 year olds? Have to take the batteries out of my hearing aids.