Sunday, June 25, 2023

Finding Treasure in Your Home

Thad and Robin Krasnesky purchased the Angell mansion in Leavenworth, Kansas, in 2021. It's almost 8,000 square feet on six acres, built in 1885, priced at less than a million dollars. As soon as the family moved in, they began to find hidden treasures. The timeline of homeowners who lived there were all wealthy, and some were apparently prone to hiding things, like jars full of coins. Those coins are now worth more than they were when they were hidden, because they are quite old. The Krasneskys have also found jewelry and Civil War artifacts. Who knows what else they uncover? You can expect this kind of thing when you purchase a home on the National Register

I've found some surprising artifacts in every old house I've lived in, but nothing valuable, since I don't buy houses inhabited by rich people. But everyday objects can become antiques just by hanging around long enough, and you can learn quite a bit about the history of your home and community when you take a good look.

The Kraneskys also have a private cat shelter, and a Facebook page called Krasnesky Manor for Wayward Cats, where you can see more of the house and get to know their cats, too!


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chich said...

I helped renovate some ajoined 1811-1876 houses in PEI years back. We found several whale bone corsets stuffed in a wall, a painting, a hand blown glass syringe and many closets with false backs hidung shelves that were used by rum runners and smugglers. No bags of gold coins. That was found by the folks redoing a house across the street.