Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The Turkish Avengers

Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even The Incredible Hulk TV series, the world was treated to  3 Dev Adam, or Three Giant Men. The 1973 Turkish film featured Captain America, Spider-Man, and Santo with no authorization or input from Marvel or the characters' creators. It wasn't the first Turkish ripoff of comic book superheroes, but it was the first to feature several of them together.

But what really made the movie so unique was the fact that the comic books weren't even available in Turkey when this film was made! The characters were designed after old serials, movies, and cartoons. The producers of 3 Dev Adam gave us Captain America yielding a gun instead of his shield, Spider-Man as the villain of the movie with different powers, and Santo the luchador taking his mask off. Neon Harbor gives us the story of 3 Dev Adam for those unfamiliar with it. Those who have seen the movie are impressed to see clips in high-definition instead of bootleg quality. (via Digg)

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