Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Lowdown on Movie Theaters

Covid really did a number on movie theaters, as it did to offices workplaces and dine-in restaurants. But movie theaters had been seeing a decline in attendance way before covid, and they aren't recovering much three years afterward. With attendance down, they raise prices to make that revenue up, and therefore attendance goes down again. Can you spot the problem with that logic? Really, which would you rather do: go to a theater and see the newest movie on opening weekend, sitting next to strangers and eating $10 popcorn, or wait a few weeks to stream it at home in your pajamas eating 50¢ popcorn, and put the movie on pause when you need to take a break? Roger Horton has many more reasons that theaters need to advertise to get you out of the house in this Honest Ad. 


xoxoxoBruce said...

I gave up on theaters when I couldn't understand half the dialog. It's not all the theaters fault it's the movies with mumbling actors and overriding background sound effects.
I'm sure the guy mixing the sound with his headphones on and written script in front of him had no problem.

lolarusa said...

Since you asked, I would rather see it in the theater. It's just a much more involving way to watch a movie. But the theater we attend most often shows a lot of movies you can't stream anywhere else, and their prices aren't as high as in this video.