Monday, June 26, 2023

Making French Tacos

Have you ever had a French taco? They look nothing like a taco, nor do they taste like a taco, but people love them, so we may as well learn how to make them. You Suck at Cooking shows us exactly how to make a French taco, from gathering wild ingredients to assuming everyone can recognize canned jalapeño peppers. I've never had a French taco, but anything that includes béchamel sauce and sautéed onions has to be delicious. Too bad the dish requires a grill press.

You can read more about French tacos at The New Yorker if you are a subscriber or aren't out of free articles for this month. Wikipedia has an overview that gives you a lot of leeway in selecting your  ingredients.


Anonymous said...

You can use a preheated cast iron skillet and put something heavy on top of the "taco". Does require flipping, however.

SandDollarSue said...

or waffle 'em?!

Tim said...

For the New Yorker or any other site that allows you only so many free articles and you do not/can not subscribe, try clearing out the history and cookies of you browser then visit the site; that might reset your free-article count.