Friday, January 21, 2022

Tweet of the Day

Some may look at this and think it's another way to get out of jury duty. But is that worth risking your life? (via Fark)


Anonymous said...

It seems so unfair not to have any stupid people on the jury.

WilliamRocket said...

I thought a jury was supposed to reflect a community, you know, a person's peers.

Deciding that people that maybe didn't believe the health authorities about Oxycontin, Thalidomide (et cetera) in the past and now question the various covid vaccine making companies and the government ... you know, thinking about things rather than joining the crowd ... shouldn't be on a jury, shouts of a judge out of touch with the law.

Then again, I've always liked to be a devil's advocate.

Also, I've had pause to reflect, here in New Zealand we have had a healthy man gunned down dead by a rival gang member (pop your balloon about NZ, huh ?) and then the authorities found a trace of covid in him during the autopsy so he has been headlined as a covid death.

We are very different from the USA in that we are having only 0.001% of the population dying with covid ... they say of covid, but seriously, some of those people were in a rest home, 92 years old with cancer and other health issues, a cold would have killed them.
Thats 1 in every 100,000 or 1 person every fortnight over the 2 years of the pandemic.

I am all for vaccinations ... had the one for polio, some other ones when I was a child and we left Great Britain for exotic countries, had mumps as a kid et cetera, decided against the Influenza shot 5 years ago as I was informed of the possible side effects and the risk of catching Influenza ... but when this pandemic came around I stood in line for the jab ... it was a pre-warned global pandemic !!!

Now I question why (here in NZ) we are all about mass vaccination after 25 people have died with covid this last year, while 30 have drowned THE LAST 2 MONTHS.
3500 road deaths per year, just over 5,000 every year from heart and artery disease, half of that from sugar addiction.

But all the newspapers can write about is covid and omicron !

And how we will now all have to have the second booster, thats 4 jabs !

Rather than covid the chances are better that I will win Lotto,
and knowing my luck ....