Monday, September 27, 2010

Informative Links

In The Beginning: Star Wars. A look at the various influences that inspired George Lucas.

The Banality of Narcissism. People who think they are all that and people who have low self-esteem may seem at odds with each other, but nobody is really sure what amount of self-absorption is “just right”.

America’s True History of Religious Tolerance. Since the first settlers, people are all for the freedom of their own religion, but not so much for other people’s religions.

Interspecies Mommying. That maternal instinct can make one blind to the fact that there is nothing familiar about this baby except its neediness. Also read about dog mothers and inanimate objects as mothers.

Jane Goodall arrived in Tanganyika in 1960 with no training but a lot of enthusiasm for studying chimpanzees. Fifty years later, National Geographic has an extensive retrospective of Goodall's life and work, as well as digitized archives of all the articles they've done on her since 1960.

Meet the Tomorrow Men. Eight futurists are working to make the world a better place, and as far as they’re concerned, the sooner the better.

The Just-World Fallacy. We tend to insert a structure of fairness into the world we perceive, but it just ain’t so.

Five Athletes that Played Through Old Age. Remember, age and treachery always trumps youth and energy.

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