Monday, September 20, 2010

Funny Links

Both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are holding rallys in Washington DC on October 30th. Which side are you on?

The 20 Worst Politician Names Of All Time.

Misspelled food. I'll have a binano splat, thank you.

What do you do when your dogs won't come out of an elk carcass? A classic case of asking for advice and getting nothing but laughs. (via Solstice Dawn)

Did I ever tell you I was the subject of a Chinese film?

Allie Brosch tells about the time she had oral surgery the same day as a friend’s birthday party. Anesthesia and a burning desire to communicate do battle in a Jack in the Box restaurant.

Completely ridiculous business combinations.

All my friends are dead

Vagina Bubbles from Hell.

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fununanapar said...

These indeed made me chortle.. thank you for them :L