Thursday, September 30, 2010

Funny Links

The Limburger Cheese War. Stinky or not, it was a matter of pride and honor between postmasters who wouldn’t back down.

Can there be anything in the world cuter than Sand Cat kittens? These two, born at Sweden’s Parken Zoo, are just old enough to start exploring. (via b3ta)

A brother and sister get their wisdom teeth removed on the same day. Luckily, mom has a camera handy as they ride home.

How well can you catch and throw paper wads in the office? The game Sticky will drive you crazy.

Choir boys perform a lovely rendition of Duetto buffo di due gatti. In English, that’s The Cat’s Duet.

Jackie Chan vs. the Eye of Sauron. If you’ve ever seen any Jackie Chan movie, you know how this animated short turns out.

Tower repair in the big city. Warning: looking at this picture might make you feel just a little woozy.

The Real Life Inspirations For 14 Simpsons Characters.

The TV series The Flintstones premiered 50 years ago today. The groundbreaking animated series left some heavy fossils on our pop culture landscape.

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