Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Fun Links

Are these squeaky toys on springs, or is at a chorus line of excited otters? Get your insulin out and be prepared for a cute overdose.

If Websites Were Pets, we could select those that have personality traits which mesh with our own. Or we could just laugh at the similarities to our furry friends.

Piano Accompanist Needed. Proof of diplomatic immunity is a plus. (via Nag on the Lake)

This dog earns her kibble many times over. After all, how well do you dance the merengue?

Dancing in the Movies. There are about 40 movies represented in this video; how many do you recognize?

We thought we had all the animals on treadmills covered in Friday's Late Movies, but alas there were no dinosaurs. But dinosaurs walk treadmills in the game Treadmillasaurus Rex. (via Look at This)

If you enjoy Hyperbole and a Half, you'll want to see this interview with creator Allie Brosch. She says what she does is "draw pictures" but her real talent is storytelling.

Really strange things can happen when you shoot something with a cell phone camera. If the image scanning process is moving slower than the object being recorded, you may get the eerie rolling shutter effect.

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