Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good Reads

A Brief History of Olympic Sore Losers. Well, that's one way to be remembered without winning a gold medal.

Not only is this broken step for sale on eBay a rare find because its from the Fifth Avenue Apple store, the value has increased because Apple doesn't want the owner to sell it.

5-year-old Savannah Hensley talked to a 911 dispatcher for ten minutes while an ambulance came for her father. The audio of that call is the most adorable emergency communication ever.

Love and Baseball. As spring training nears, a sportswriter looks at baseball as a metaphor for life and relationships.

So many reasons why the internet will fail. A essay from 1995 bemoans the lack of all the things we've managed to come up with since then. (via Boing Boing)

They've found the place in the brain where we judge fairness. It's possible there could be a biological reason why we care about equality even when it doesn't pertain to our self-interest.

Spaghetti With Eyes. More than you ever wanted to know about eels.

Defenestration means throwing something out the window. It's also a 13-year-old art project in San Francisco that features furniture on the outside of a building which may be torn down.

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