Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fun Links

The Perfect Accessory for the Workplace. NSFW.

Neil Fraser wondered if a lava lamp would still work in the higher gravity environment of Jupiter. How such a question ever occurs to anyone is a matter of wonder in itself, but Fraser went ahead and built a ten-foot centrifuge in his living room to find the answer.

A killer puppy has been lost! Better get that dog home before someone gets hurt.

Logorama won an Oscar last weekend for Best Animated Short Film. This story of a world made of corporate logos is available to watch in its entirety online (language NSFW).

Here's the trailer for Avatar, or Pocahontas, or is it both? I hear you can tell the difference by the characters' skin colors.

Marcy made a lip dub for a Valentine gift. Then she showed how much blogger balls she has by posting it online. I think it's cute!

The Top Ten Wildest Moments at the Cannes Film Festival. We'll have to wait until May to see of anything joins the list this year.

How to write a Hollywood romantic comedy in ten easy steps. Although their examples are fairly new, this formula has been used for decades. (via Gorilla Mask)

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