Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fun Links

Earth Hour happens tomorrow. To get you into the mood to turn all your lights off for an hour, here's an interactive video controlled by a light switch. Flip it off and see what marvelous thins happen in the dark!

Peek into a nest with Molly the doting mother owl and her babies Max and Pattison on this live webcam. More eggs should be hatching any day!

A plastic bag with the voice of Werner Herzog goes on a quest to find its maker. You have to laugh, and maybe even cry, at the existential angst of an inanimate object with a not-so-subtle environmental message.

Han Solo gets the final piece of the Puzzle. It all makes sense now! Wait, no, it really doesn't.

Another reason you don't want a raccoon for a pet.

Other names people call a vagina. This is reader-generated, which explains the name in the largest font.

Alien vs. Pooh. Silliness ensues when Winnie the Pooh mistakes an alien egg for a honey pot. (via Buzzfeed)

Installing a vanity in ten easy steps. Except that home repairs are never as easy or as quick as it says on the tin.

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