Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Reads and Information

Three different missions to the moon have relayed back evidence of water. The findings of all three spacecraft "provide unambiguous evidence for the presence of hydroxyl or water."

The Fresh Loaf, a community for amateur artisan bakers and bread enthusiasts.

The United Nations is in session, with leaders and representatives from all over the world meeting to exchange ideas. Just how can they do that, when they speak so many different languages?

11 Famous Actors and the Big TV Roles They Turned Down.

The Story Behind the Story. As investigative journalism fades away, your news comes from those who have an agenda.

The story of the Gömböc. This man-made shape is the perfect Weeble when it wobbles but it won’t fall down.

Manzanar: America’s Concentration Camp.

Doctors Are Giving Heroin to Heroin Addicts. The program works to help them get it together for a post-addiction life.

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