Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fun Links

What if Raiders of the Lost Ark had been filmed in 1951? Charlton Heston would be the perfect casting choice.

Dan Brown's 20 worst sentences. The author of The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol can entertain completely out of context with his purple prose.

Look what 375 Days of Exercise an do! It can be done, if you can ever get past that horrible third day.

In this clip from National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles, two filmmakers study Johnny Rooks in the Falkland Islands. meanwhile, the birds sometimes called Flying Devils are having fun with the filmmakers!

Ants on a school trip! When chaperoning, always remember to count heads and take the roll.

The 15 Most Shameless Fake Photos Ever Passed Off as Real. They don’t even look real, but hindsight is 20/20.

Use this awesome and creepy Japanese generator to animate a still portrait. Or mug shot. Upload, wait, and click your mouse on it for the full effect. (via Fark)

Which goes faster, your sofa or your garden shed? I think the dumpster can overtake them all!

The Muppet Show’s Ten Weirdest Moments. These are exactly the moments that made it such a delightfully funny show. (via Look At This)

Can a preschooler stare at a marshmallow and not eat it if it meant getting TWO marshmallows just for waiting? This cute video is a recreation of a well-known experiment by psychologist Walter Mischel.

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