Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fun and Funny Links

When you really, really don’t want to deal with a client.

Where the Wild Things Are Cupcakes!

A Keyboard Cat you can make for yourself.

Generations Reference Manual (actually a chart). I declare this to be 90% accurate, at least for Baby Boomers.

Kids and Food Coloring. Don’t turn your back on them for a minute!

Can you name the top 20 countries that use the internet the most? In four minutes? I named 17, but would’ve gotten 19 if I could spell better.

The highs and lows of being a young man. This was just as valid 30 years ago when I was that age, right down to The Doors.

Ask some questions of a little kid and marvel at the genius (and not-so-genius) answers. There are many pages of delight. (via Ectoplasmosis)

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