Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun and Funny Links

The worst place to put ANY tattoo is on your forehead, but some people insist on putting terrible things right up front.

The House of the Future. Sometimes it just takes one little detail to seal the deal of a lifetime.

The 7 Most Amazing One-Take Video Clips. Some of these would still be amazing if they had been edited.

100 Greatest Viral Videos in 4 Minutes. Were there really 100? It was only three-and-a-half minutes. I recognized all but two.

30 Dumb Inventions. Yeah, the cigarette umbrella is dumb, but the rocket belt is to die for!

Andy Woodruff noticed that Ohio has 88 counties, so he went to work on a map application that assigns a piano note to each county. The map is a musical instrument you can play! (via the Presurfer)

Skateboarders fly down the streets of San Francisco in the dark to connect glowing Tetris-like shapes. The points should go to the ones who don’t injure themselves!

Conan the kitten doesn’t like to be left alone. And he won’t hesitate to tell you about it.

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