Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bird Loves Egyptian Music

(via Arbroath)

Update: This bird is Frosty, an this is the original video. His owner Karla says many different versions have been made and disseminated, so I decided to replace the "Egyptian" version with the original. (Thanks, Karla!)


Dancing Frostie said...

This is not the music my parrot Frostie was dancing to when I recorded this video. To see the original video with him dancing to Shake Your Tail Feather with Ray Charles from The Blues Brothers, click here:

Thank you,

Karla Larsson

Miss Cellania said...

Hi Karla! I don't know why I didn't recognize Frosty. I posted that video on my other blog a while back:

Dancing Frostie said...

Hi Cellania:

Now there are about 60 of that dubbed video on YouTube! I just hate it when people do that, especially when they don't use Frostie's name in the title. This video has been dubbed with so many different styles of music. The worst one was some Satanic heavy metal music. It sounded like demons screaming and I can't tell you how many times the f-word was used. Shudder!

Anonymous said...

Frostie is a great dancer! He looks as if he is having the world's best time -- and keeping the best time while doing it :) Tobi

Karla K. Larsson said...

Frostie loves to dance. However, the day I made the "Shake Your Tail Feather" video, he REALLY amazed me with all the different moves and his timing with the words!

As I stood there watching what I knew was a once-in-a-lifetime performance, it was all I could do to maintain my composure!

I have attempted to make countless Frostie dancing videos and something always goes wrong! He stops to poop or preen, turns his back to the camera, jumps off the perch, turns his back to the camera or just does the same move the entire song!

This time, I called in a friend because Frostie kept dancing with his back to the camera.

My friend said, "All you have to do is wave something around to keep him facing forward!" I started the camera and the song then turned around to see my friend waving a white hand towel all around! I was overcome with such an intense sense to laugh I could hardly contain myself.

I held my breathe during the entire song and was so amazed that Frostie danced the entire song without "ruining" the video!

I grabbed the card out of the camera, uploaded it to YouTube then composed an e-mail to inform everyone of the video and you know the rest of the story!