Monday, November 13, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

Marines Embrace Crayon-Eating Reputation.

1913: Don, the Talking Dog Who Saved a Life at Brighton Beach. (via Strange Company)

Use Your Dang Gravy Boat. The gravy boat is ridiculous. That’s why you should embrace it.

Surgeons Perform World’s First Whole Eyeball Transplant on Arkansas Veteran.

Orphan Trains and Children’s Aid: The Compassion of Charles Loring Brace.  

What's Wrong With This Picture?

'Shut Her Up, Shut It Down': Town Comes Out to Tell QAnon Queen to Go Away. (via Nag on the Lake)

I Risked Two Relationships By Driving A 350,000 Mile Pontiac Vibe To A Wedding Instead Of A Rental Car. Here’s How That Went.

Kate Micucci Owns Up to Accidental Vandalism.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I feel bad for Richmound, Saskatchewan. I've been following this story for quite awhile.

gwdMaine said...

Why do we have gravy boats, but say we're riding the gravy train? 🤔

Full disclosure: On Thanksgiving, I'm Captain of the Gravy Boat.

xoxoxoBruce said...

Gravy boat takes up too much table space, drips on the tablecloth, and is near impossible to pass.

In the first picture of the NYC boys ready to board the Orphan Train. The four boys in the front row wear suit coats that have the left lapel cross over the right lapel to button, except the shorty, second from the left, is opposite.

What’s wrong with the picture is the woman is wasting a fortune on a dress to be worn once when that money could be better spent on something practical like a motorcycle.

That Pontiac will still do the job for his 2nd wedding, and maybe the 3rd.

Bicycle Bill said...

To Bruce –

She's probably paying less for that dress than some people pay to go to Disneyland, attend a football or basketball game, or take in a Taylor Swift concert, all of which are also one-time-only events too.  And since it appears to have some sort of design on it, she might be thinking about wearing it (after shortening the train, of course) for other events and functions as well.


Bicycle Bill said...

If this woman who calls herself the 'Q-Anon Queen' is making herself so hi-vis, isn't that sort of defeating the purpose and intent of the 'anon' portion of Q-Anon??