Thursday, November 23, 2023

An '80s Retro TV Intro for Kenobi

If the Disney+ series Kenobi had been produced in the 1980s, it would have been on network TV and be squeezed between The Incredible Hulk and MacGyver. Oh yeah, in case you haven't seen Kenobi, this video contains spoilers. I haven't seen it either, but when you live on the internet, spoilers just come with the territory.

What really makes this retro TV intro perfect is the original theme song, called "Be the One" by Auralnauts, with guitar and vocals by Scott Beetley. The feedback to the TV intro made that clear, so Auralnauts went ahead and made a full music video for the song, by mixing in video clips from the very 1980s music video for "The Unforgiven" by Robert Tepper.  

Considering the audio and video are from completely different musicians, this is a masterpiece of editing. But that's what you would expect from Auralnauts.

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