Friday, November 24, 2023

A Lake in Canada May Hold the Secret to The Anthropocene

The fairly new term "Anthropocene" refers to a proposed geologic epoch in which man made his mark on the earth. When did it start? That's up for discussion. Another question is where did it start? We don't know that, but there is a proposal to use Crawford lake in Ontario as a reference point for the beginning of the Anthropocene. It's a small lake, but it has some very specific and interesting properties that make it uniquely suitable for such a reference point. Besides it being perfectly suited for the purpose, it's already in a conservation area designated as an Ontario Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. Savannah Geary of Sci Show explains, and makes us want to visit Crawford Lake.

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xoxoxoBruce said...

That's pretty cool, she did a good job of explaining it too.