Thursday, November 30, 2023

Birth of a Christmas Tree

Want to see how your Christmas tree started out in life? This guy who goes by Boxlapse at YouTube bought a pine cone at the supermarket last year and decided to grow a stone pine tree (Pinus pinea) in a pot. This video is a time-lapse that covers 300 days of his experiment. As you can see, it dramatically went from a pine cone to a recognizable tree in less than a year. I was expecting a slight bit of tinsel to be added at the end, but no. Add six more years to this story, and you'll have the cut trees that are being sold for Christmas decorations right now. (via Digg)   


Anonymous said...

> bought a pine cone at the supermarket

I'm going to the hospital to get my eyes unstuck from how hard they rolled.

Miss Cellania said...

I know! My yard is covered in them, and I don't even have pines trees.