Monday, November 27, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

Pablo Escobar’s Multiplying ‘Cocaine Hippos’ Will Be Sterilized in Colombia. Just how does one sterilize a hippo? 

Why walking backwards can be good for your health and brain. (via Strange Company)

Becca McGlynn worked for ten years to make a fan edit of Doctor Who that arranges the show into chronological order, meaning the order of what happens to the time-traveling Doctor and his cohorts in history. Really. The finished project called Stitches in Time is more than 20 days long. (via Metafilter)    

They Brought A Crappy Tesla Cybertuck ‘Clone’ To A Major Car Show. We Interviewed Them And It Got Insanely Awkward.

The first time that Keith Emerson used the Moog synthesizer. Greg Lake tells a great story.

Christmas Decorations on TikTok: Trendy or Traditional?

Bleach does not kill common superbug, study finds. That's why C.diff runs rampant in hospitals. (via Damn Interesting)

Yet Again, Starbucks Has Better Holiday Drinks Outside the U.S.  

Caviar on Horseback: The Most Outrageous Dinner Party of the Gilded Age. (via Strange Company)


gwdMaine said...

Just how does one sterilize a hippo?
Apparently, very carefully:

Smithsonian: Sterilizing Cocaine Hippos

Found it ironic that Columbia doesn't have
"those kind of drugs" for sterilization. . .

Miss Cellania said...

Guess how I know you didn't try my link for that one.

gwdMaine said...

I was in a rush and mixed up my tabs. Was going for The Guardian which said the same thing but featured a vet who was 'terrorized' the first time she had to do it.