Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The End is Nigh

Wars and rumors of wars. Fire and brimstone. The total collapse of society. The threat of an impending apocalypse hits differently in 2023, because we already have those things. In fact, some folks might see the end of days as an improvement on what we have now. As he does, Ryan George plays all the parts as he gets some reactions from people on the street, who are quite credulous in order to fit this all into a short skit, but don't react the way the street preacher would prefer them to. Despite all that, the end is almost hopeful. And the horse joke can be read in more ways than one. The skit is only 3:10; the rest is an ad. (via Geeks Are Sexy

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chich said...

Ha! I used to have this type of view when I worked fire. "It's already a disaster, how much worse can it get?". Helped keeping focused.