Tuesday, November 28, 2023

10 Car Innovations... That DID NOT Stand the Test of Time

Some of the features that automakers thought the public would clamor for fizzled out because they didn't make any sense even when they were new. Vinyl record players were just a bad idea, was quickly surpassed by cassette and CD players. Pop-up headlights were cool, but only until they quit working, and then it was just another piece of a car that could break and cost a lot of money to fix. It's pretty neat to learn about Landau bars, which survive today to denote that a vehicle is hearse.


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Bicycle Bill said...

I see on the newer minivans like the Dodge Grand Caravan they've started putting the gear selector knob on the dashboard itself.  To me, that's a solid 'nope'.

And bring back the bench seats!  Once you and your girlfriend have gotten to Inspiration Point, or Lover's Lane, or Bare-ass Beach, or whatever your local make-out spot was called, it's a lot easier for her to put her head on your shoulder, cuddle, or swap spit when she can slide right up alongside of you instead being tied four feet apart in those 'comfortable' bucket seats.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how much has changed and not always for the better

but blessed are those that dare to keep the spirit alive for the next generation

Anonymous said...

I miss the dashboard ravioli cooker in my old Fiat.

Anonymous said...

I'm with BB on bench seats (cuddle couch), I have an ElCamino with a 60/40 split bench if there is a leg room problem. It has a fold down arm rest that can be moved out of the way for uh... naps.

The record players skipped when moving and needle tracking force( needle was under the record pushing up) would wear vinyl out in short order. BUT late at night, parked at makeout point, with a big moon, and there's one song that always makes her wet... priceless.