Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Love in Plane Sight

Christmas romance movies, often called Hallmark Christmas movies no matter who makes them, are cheesy, implausible yet predictable, and fun to watch. Some folks watch them because they are a comfortable holiday tradition, like sipping on hot cocoa in your fuzzy socks. Others watch just to laugh.

The "movie" Love in Plane Sight has one thing going for it- it's less than six minutes long. The other thing that makes it different is that it's an airline advertisement. Otherwise, it has the elements you expect in a Christmas romance: a beautiful, sophisticated, yet single woman traveling for the holidays, a "meet cute" with a hunk, and tension between the two before they inevitably fall in love, all in a set drenched in Christmas decorations and a bit of supernatural magic.  

No matter how you watch full-length Christmas romance movies, you'll have a laugh at one that condenses a two hour journey to romance into a commercial without losing any of the tropes we've gotten used to. (via Boing Boing)

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