Tuesday, November 14, 2023

A List of Tom Scott's Mistakes

Tom Scott announced some time ago that he will stop making weekly videos at the end of the year. That doesn't mean he will stop making videos; it's just that trying to keep the quality up on such a tight schedule is too much. While all those videos have been enjoyable, they aren't perfect. It's embarrassing to have an error pointed out after all the editing is done and the video is posted, but it's inevitable that someone in the audience will know exactly what you did wrong. Tom regularly owns up to those errors and adds corrections to the YouTube page. Today, however, he is going back through them, or at least ten years of them, and telling us about the times he screwed up. You have to applaud his transparency, but then you realize it's also a restrospective of his videos on a wide range of subjects you haven't seen. If one catches your fancy, you might be able to search for it, or find it at his YouTube channel. The last minute if this video is an ad.


Anonymous said...

If I made a video of all my mistakes, uploading it would break the internet.

Dan Fowler said...

Who cares?