Friday, September 08, 2023

One Life

In 2015, we learned about  Holocaust hero Sir Nicholas Winton, who helped 669 Jewish children escape from Czechoslovakia in 1938, then went back home to Britain and never spoke of it. Even his wife didn't know until 1988 when she found his scrapbook. We got to see a very touching 1988 television appearance revealing Winton's secret war efforts. That video serves as the framework for the trailer for One Life, a new feature film about Winton, starring Anthony Hopkins as the older Winton and Johnny Flynn as the younger Winton. Let's watch that clip from the BBC show That's Life again.  

The part the video clip does not show is that after the survivors stood up, the host asked if there's anyone in the audience who was the child or grandchild of a survivor, and the entire auditorium stood up. One Life will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival later this month, and will open in theaters in the US on January first.