Wednesday, September 27, 2023

No Proofreader, No Spellcheck

And the typesetter's basic literacy is questionable. (via Bad Newspaper)


Dennis King said...

Also “sponser”.

Bicycle Bill said...

That's what happens when newspapers (1) get rid of human editors and proofreaders, (2) start hiring kid writers fresh out of journalism school where they learned more about which pronouns and abbreviations to use instead of proper English grammar and usage, (3) park 'em in front of computers to produce their own copy, depending on autocorrect or predictive text to keep them accurate, and (4) then send whatever comes from them directly to computerized composers, which mashes it all together along with the ads into the individual pages, and then sends them electronically to digital presses where it finally comes out as a newspaper.

Newspapers haven't employed typesetters using movable metal type in decades, and I doubt if any of today's writers have seen or could even tell you what a linotype machine was.


SnowMan said...

That's about a bill filed in Utah back in 2010. I presume that particular headline writer got better with time, or got fired. OTOH, it's so bad, maybe it was a "statement" from someone about to quit.