Saturday, September 30, 2023

Couple's First Cat Adoption Doesn't Go as Expected

One thing a first-time cat owner needs to learn is that all cats are different and have their own personalities, just like people. Jeremie and Alyssa met in college and got married. Alyssa thought it would be a great idea to adopt a pet together. Jeremie had never lived with a cat before, and assumed it would be easy, because cats are aloof and independent. You can see where this is going. The couple adopted a kitten they named Wilbur, who had an injured paw. Wilbur turned out to be an affectionate cat, to the point of being clingy. Alyssa was gone in those early days to start a new job, so Wilbur bonded with Jeremie. But Jeremie found that he likes being Wilbur's sun and moon! You can keep up with Wilbur and his little brother Solomon, another rescue cat, at Instagram.

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