Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Paving Stone

(via Bad Menu)


Bicycle Bill said...

The one underneath the 'grilled paving stone' isn't much better.  Apparently there is no translation for 'tartiflette'.  Just for the record, it's actually a dish made with potatoes, cream, cheese, bacon, and onions and then baked en casserole.  
So the next time you think AI is going to take over, remember this...  but it does make one wonder how French or German AI translators would interpret American dishes with slang names like 'hot dogs', 'tomahawk steaks', or 'walking tacos'.


Miss Cellania said...

Even Americans are confused about Buffalo wings and Chicken of the Sea.

Anonymous said...

The Native Peoples wasted no part of the buffalo.

WilliamRocket said...

The mass dietary uptake of buffalo wings led to the buffaloes losing their ability to fly.
The long term effect of this is that politicians can now sprout all the garbage they want without any fear of being buried in buffalo shit, the only known remedy for bullshit.