Friday, September 22, 2023

True Facts About Reef Corals

In the latest edition of Ze Frank's True Facts series, we learn about reef coral. Yeah, it's an animal, although what we see of them are their shells, which make a reef. You might wonder how he could ever make a bawdy, silly, joke-filled video about coral, but he manages to do so. One animal of coral is called a polyp.  What we would call building a reef, he describes as a polyp "farting crystals." You get the idea. Yeah, it's a ridiculous way of telling a story, but that makes it much easier to learn how coral works. Or at least more likely to be remembered. See, already I am impressed that coral reproduces both sexually and by cloning themselves. And they have several ways of eating. The images in this video are beautiful on some ways, and gross in others. There's a one-minute skippable ad at the five-minute mark.

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