Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

Happy 23rd blogiversary to Everlasting Blort! In celebration, Madame Jujujive is bringing back some very old but entertaining links.

October Haunted Happenings in Salem, Massachusetts.

New York Times writer draws ire for blaming Biden’s economy for $78 airport meal. More discussion here.

A Curious 1909 Custody Case for the Paris Police.

Welsh Sheep-Shearing Cake Is a Forgotten Pastoral Pleasure. try it yourself with this old recipe.

Kazuaki Horitomo's Monmon Cats. Tattooed cats tattooing other cats. (via Nag on the Lake)

This Implantable Device From MIT Pumps Insulin Without Needles. (via Neatorama)

Gravity is not uniform. It varies geographically. (via Atlas Obscura)

A Blast from the Past (2015): The Legend of Pope Joan.


Anonymous said...

> A) how is this the fault of Joe Biden & "his" economy exactly? it's straight up corporate greed afaict

Here is a person who does not understand inflation at all.

Miss Cellania said...

What he didn't understand was how easy it was for people to figure out most of that bill was alcoholic drinks.

Anonymous said...

They think inflation in the cost of an airport is caused by "straight up corporate greed". This is not remotely related to how inflation works.

xoxoxoBruce said...

Cows with Guns... (shiver) never hear it enough!

Bates Motel is only 10ish miles from me.

The $78 meal... consider the source.

Instead of a diet I can move someplace where gravity is low.

Bicycle Bill said...

Ignoring the booze in the restaurant tab, am I the only one that thinks that sixteen bucks for what is basically a slab of ground-up dead cow meat on a bun, regardless of where it is served or what it is served with, is a little bit much?   But the gentrified restaurants and pubs (and of course the places like airport restaurants, where they're the only game in town, especially once you're inside the TSA-enforced Iron Curtain) will continue to charge it, because they've managed to buffalo us — and we'll continue to pay it, because we are perfectly willing to be buffaloed.

It's our responsibility as educated consumers to reject $20 drinks and burgers, $100 amusement park tickets, and $250 per night motel rooms and let these modern-day pirates stew in their own juices for a while.


Miss Cellania said...

I always reject $20 drinks and burgers, but there are enough people buying them to keep a business in business. Just Monday night I got a $25 serving of lasagna, someone else paid (who could afford it), and it was enough for about three meals.

Bicycle Rider said...

(and of course the places like airport restaurants, where they're the only game in town, especially once you're inside the TSA-enforced Iron Curtain)

You are not required to buy food at an airport. With a few restrictions, mostly involving liquids, travelers are permitted to bring almost any solid food through the security checkpoint, even pizza or a BBQ sandwich. My wife and I fly quite regularly and we always bring our own food for flights of more than 4 hours, usually ham and cheese sandwiches and some fruit, sometimes a PBJ or a burrito. Never had an issue. Also, bring an empty water bottle which you can fill once you are through security. Depending on time of day, I might buy a coffee past the iron curtain.

You can also bring food (and drinks in sealed cans or plastic bottles) into many MLB ballparks. Food is also allowed at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh (home of the Steelers). Unsure about other NFL stadiums.

madamjujujive said...

Thanks for your well wishes, Miss Cellania - and for all the great links you provide over the years! julie / mjjj