Friday, September 29, 2023

Doctor Breaks Down All The Ways Mt. Everest Can Kill You

Dr. Emily Johnson is a physician and a mountain climber. She's been to the peak of Mount Everest three times, and knows how dangerous it is. In this video, she enumerates the different ways you could lose your life climbing the world's tallest mountain. Dr. Johnson tells us that Everest is not the most dangerous mountain peak. Both Annapurna and K2 are tougher, but way more people die on Everest because way more people climb it, and many of those people are oblivious to the dangers and aren't as well prepared as they should be. Just because a lot of people have been to the peak of Everest doesn't guarantee that you'll make it back. (via Digg


Bill said...

I've never tough climbing Everest was worthwhile: survival of the un-fittest

xoxoxoBruce said...

That's it, I'm not going if I have to climb over corpses.