Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Aztec Death Whistle

No, you won't die if you hear the sound of an Aztec death whistle, but you'll hear it a lot in this video, and you might want to be ready with the volume control. It can cause a jump scare in the people in the next room, or make children cry. The Aztec death whistle is a small instrument that looks like a duck call, but the sound it produces is like a terrified person screaming beyond control. If you didn't know what caused it, hearing this in the night would make the hairs on your back rise up. James Orgill of The Action Lab actually made some Aztec death whistles with a 3D printer. He tells us both the history and science of these whistles, and blows those darn whistles quite a few times. That's an interesting and sneaky way to lead up to an ad for the 3D printer. (via Digg)

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