Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Lindsay's Aptronym

Lindsay Newton married Christian Sleeper last year. Some would call it a case of nominative determinism, but that's not quite right, because she was an anesthesiologist before she had the name. Dr. Sleeper now has an aptronym, sometimes spelled aptonym, which is the phenomena of having a name that completely suits your profession. And it's a lot better than Dr. Coma. If you are wondering, Christian is a radiologist. There are a lot of further examples of aptronyms in the comments under the Tweet. (via She Who Seeks)


Anonymous said...

I worked for an insurance company at one time and came across some good ones! Someone with the last name Needles worked for a blood bank and someone with the last name Baggett worked at a Pac N Sac grocery :)

Anonymous said...

In Austin, there was a Urologist firm named Hitt & Chop. (They did vasectomies.)

Anonymous said...

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