Saturday, September 02, 2023

10 Animals You Definitely Forgot Existed

We love our dogs and cats, and we want to save the tiger, but the world is full of strange and weird creatures we should know more about. First up, the maned wolf, which isn't a wolf, and looks like a fox on horse legs, and it eats mostly vegetables! That's just the beginning of an entertaining introduction to some strange creatures from Mamadou Ndiaye. That's the internet zoologist Mamadou Ndiaye, not the basketball player Mamadou Ndiaye, or the other basketball player Mamadou Ndiaye. It's a pretty common name.

Anyway, this video tells us what we really want to know about raccoon dogs, fossas, bush dogs, and the cookie cutter shark. Be sure to stay with this long enough to hear what the clouded leopard says, since it can't purr and can't roar. It's strange to hear a meow from the cat with the longest teeth of any cat. (via Boing Boing)

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Tim said...

I knew most of the animals as I have seen them in various zoos.

That guy has a great sense of humor.