Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Luke Skywalker Movie Kill Count

For a Tatooine farm boy, Luke Skywalker sure rose to the occasion in the battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Although the Force was strong with him, he wasn’t really a trained Jedi until The Return of the Jedi. Still, he managed to off quite a few folks along the way.

So how many people does Luke kill in the three movies of the original trilogy? This supercut from Mr Sunday Movies counts them one, two three… holy moley, those numbers go high! (via the A.V. Club)


Bicycle Bill said...

The count jumps from 13 to 368,904 when the Death Star explodes – an increase of 368,891.   It might be interesting to know who determined that this was the total complement of the Death Star, and how they arrived at that figure.

And then when the AT-AT topples over and explodes, the count jumps another forty.  It takes that many people to operate one of those things?  Heck, it only took ten crewmembers to fly and fight a B-17!

Even so, these numbers pale in comparison to Darth Vader's body count.   I mean, when you destroy an entire freakin' planet... !!



Anonymous said...

Lower than Trump's