Monday, April 16, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

The Weirdest Tax Deductions Ever Submitted.

If you're ever in Los Angeles, be sure to go play games at Caine's Arcade.

How many ways can you play pong? Your mouse is no help in these retro games. I did well at "unfair" pong. (via b3ta

By some estimates, 25% of college students take some kind of psychotropic drug as a matter of course. What does a personality shaped by chemistry do to one’s sense of self?

From Bagels to Balloon Rides: The Weirdest State Taxes. Whether it’s something you want to encourage, like agricultural products, or something you want to discourage, like tattoos or nudity, put a tax on it either way!

Cycle-skating, the new sport of 1923! Just like skating, except instead of balance and control, you have those uncomfortable supports.

DARPA and Boston Dynamics have another creepy lifelike robot that can climb stairs on almost-human-looking legs. I think we’re only a few grants away from seeing the Terminator come to life.

15 Incredible X-rays of Real-Life Monsters of the Deep. They look even weirder from the inside.

33 Animals With Plush Versions Of Themselves. In a few of these, it’s hard to tell which is real and which is a toy.

Dreadfully Different Dolls. Not for impressionable children, and not for squeamish adults, either.

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