Monday, April 30, 2012


Finns go crazy in the summer, with competitions in swamp soccer, sauna sitting, and wife carrying. (via Simply Left Behind)

What Finland can teach America about true luxury.

A library patron in Vantaa, Finland quietly returned a book that had been loaned out over 100 years ago! The fine at the time the book was checked out was ten pennies per week. The Fark thread that accompanied this is full of geographic puns.

Finnish Member of Parliament Tommy Tabermann has propsed that the four weeks of annual vacation in Finland be expanded to include a 7-day "love vacation" to strengthen relationships. The proposal was sent to committee for study. I tried to find out what became of this legislation, but I don't read the language.
Never take Finns lightly. They'll kick your ass if you deserve it. They have sisu and guys like Simo Häyhä.

What it's like to break your arm in Finland.

How (but not why) lutefisk became a delicacy!!

Maybe lutefisk is why they need Salmiakki Koskenkorva.

Finland must be a wonderful place, since Santa Claus chooses to live there. Or was he born there?

A serious note: The Life and Death of an Urban Recluse. (via Metafilter)

You Know You are from Finland if...

You meticulously manage your plastic bag collection.

You don`t think twice about putting wet dishes in the cupboard to dry.

Silence is fun.

Your coffee consumption exceeds 8 cups a day.

You pass a grocery store and think: "Wow, it`s open!"

Your native language has seriously deteriorated.

Now you "eat medicine", "open the television", and "close the lights off".

You associate pea soup with Thursday.

Your notion of street life is reduced to hanging out in front of the railway station on Friday nights.

After a presentation, you finally stop asking "Are there any questions?"

Hugging is reserved for sexual foreplay.

You no longer look at a track suit as casual wear, but consider it acceptable for formal occasions.

Neither do you see a problem wearing white socks with loafers.

You accept alcohol as food.

You no longer eat mashed potatoes - you eat smashed potatoes.

You understand why the Finnish language has no future tense.

You know that "one" beer means "let`s get pissed."

When a stranger smiles at you, you assume he is drunk, insane, or American.

You`ve become lactose intolerant.

You know how to prepare herring 105 different ways.

(via Phil’s Phun)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why we're making fun of Finland, but I like it. Pretty funny. And I'm on something of a Scandinavian kick, what with the Dragon girl and all.