Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

Joe McCarthy’s Joke. Some people take him seriously, even today.

You may have read that in the Chinese 3D release of the movie Titanic, the nude scene was cut because of fears that Chinese men would reach out and try to grab Kate Winslet's, um, assets. But there was one part of the story that was missing -it wasn't true. (via Metafilter)

Party Cat! The full series.

The new methods of communication we use free us up from the annoyance of having to look at, pay attention to, or listen to other people. Is face-to-face conversation going extinct? (via Breakfast Links)

The votes and are in the results are tallied: here are your 25 biggest pet peeves. I think we can all agree on #1.

10 TV Shows Cancelled After Just One Episode. Some were victims of whims or circumstances, but most were just plain awful.

Meet Roosevelt, the gorgeous border collie with deformed front legs that won't let him run. But with a neat set of wheels, he can get around as a dog should!

This supercut of movie scenes in which the actor looks directly at the camera has very little dialogue dialogue. It starts off just unsettling, then gets hypnotically creepier as it goes along.

The Fox network is celebrating 25 years of innovative TV programming that paid off. What seems standard today was risky and experimental in its time.

The Lego Lifestyle Home. If you love those building bricks enough, you can surround yourself with them!

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