Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Links for Fun

The cast of The Princess Bride reunited for a photo shoot, and I found out that a generation of people who venerate the movie never really knew who starred in it. Yes, that’s Forrest Gump‘s Jenny, Susan Sarandon’s ex, Spinal Tap‘s guitarist, and Jason Gideon of Criminal Minds.

In which I review a book called Crafting With Cat Hair.

It takes a strange mind to reimagine John Carpenter’s film The Thing as a musical with Frank Sinatra. NSFW lyrics.

8 actors that most personify manliness. The only argument I have is that more research may be needed.

This road crew was under time constraint to dismantle a bridge before the road underneath opened to traffic. They did it! The music was a big help.

Among the many Steve Jobs tributes, a practical question arises: who will play him in the movie? I cast my vote for Noah Wylie.

Before their new movie comes out next month, the Muppets want to explain to you how to behave in a movie theater. Turn your cell phone off and mind your manners when they come to your town.

The first trailer for the Marvel Comics/Joss Whedon film The Avengers is out now. It appears to be every superhero film of the past ten years rolled into one.

The Seven Deadly Sins as illustrated by the keys on your keyboard. Hey, if you’re going to live your life on the ‘net, it makes a pretty fair explanation.

Who’s ready for ski season? Colorado got 44 inches of snow last weekend, and BroBible’s got some videos from the first days to get you primed.

10 Things People Say Without Having Any Idea What They’re Talking About, And What They Should Be Saying Instead.

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