Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Links

The 12 Most Convincing Real-Life Ghost Stories.

Who Was Dr. Frankenstein?

Absolut Frankenstein.

Ten Vampire Cats.

Check out this silly Halloween ecard I received. (Thanks, John!)

The House of Blood. It can be yours!

The Night of the Vampire.

How Do You Make a Monster? Dissecting Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies.

From Human To Corpse: Walking Dead Make-Up. It takes hours to become a zombie, and then they have to wear that stuff all day!

Your mother warned you about guys like these, but you still fall for them. Our Favorite Vampires. Does not include sparkly vampires.

Sleepy Hollow (and its Legend). Stacy actually went there and brought back a list of fascinating facts.

The Hidden Haunted History of 7 American Landmarks.

Have you ever guessed a Halloween costume embarrassingly wrong? This guy had the best story.

The Most Excellent Halloween. (via Buzzfeed)

13 Horror Movies and the 'True Stories' They're Based On.

Vintage Kids in Halloween Photos. Amid all the modern hype, some things never really change.

In the modern world, you can wear a “virtual costume.” Just sport the proper QR code, then anyone who cares can see you in costume on their device of choice.

10 TV shows with the best Halloween specials. Sitcoms love the opportunity to break out of their formula and do something weird and different.

7 Burning Halloween Questions: Answered! Now you’ll know why you do the silly things you do on this silly holiday.

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