Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fun and Funny Links

How Scandinavians make fun of each other's languages.

Charlie Bird made friends with some young seals in Antarctica. This is several hundred pounds of adorable.

10 of the dumbest million dollar ideas of all-time.

The evolution of human ambition.

An Orca Talks to a Motorboat.

The 47 Society is dedicated to exploring the phenomenon that is 47.

Lego Megaman vs. a Cat. Right there are three of your favorite things, so how could this video lose?

The 6 Craziest Roads In The World. Some just look that way; others you’d have to be nuts to drive on.

McGill University in Montreal gathered scientists, students, and various geeks to make a dancing lipdub video. Their sponsor, Medicom, is making a donation to the Goodman Cancer Research Centre for each view the video gets at YouTube.

The difference 10 years makes.

Top Pick-Up Lines Used by Star Wars Fans.

Cute Boys With Cats. You might want to bookmark this so you can peek in after reading a bummer post.

Why geeks love geeky girls.

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