Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Links for Fun

An ad from Argentina called “Braids” could stand on its own even without the product it is promoting. What was that product, anyway? …not that it matters.

A Guide for a Young Lady in Manhattan, from 1939. (via reddit)

Glenn Beck's last show: A 'terrifying' look back.

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine.

This Saturday, the date being 7-9-11, is Odd Day! Ron Gordon, who brought us Square Root Day, is having a contest for those odd people who celebrate and promote Odd day.

Firefighters tried the leaf blower method to extract a kitten from a pipe. The kitten was terrified, possibly by the laughter more than the procedure, but it worked!

You can't get any more "aww" than soldiers with puppies. Here are 34 of them, enough to make you go all verklempt inside.

The Fly. Try to guess the punchline before you get there.

That's exactly why you don't have a girlfriend.

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